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Eating Cereal In Front Of Computer

Permission to enjoy.

Key Message: Eat Special K because you like it, not because you feel like you "should to be healthy." AKA, screw diet culture.

Out of Home:

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Special K will be covering the nutrition label and removing any calorie information from the front of the box because calories shouldn't be the only reason you buy something.



Special K will take over the Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park and create a life-size chocolate fountain. Servers will be set up around the fountain handing out Special K desert kabobs for people to dip.

BUT for participants to receive food to dip into the chocolate, they must unfollow one person/account on any social media platform that does not make them feel good about themselves.

desert kabob.jpeg

Meanwhile, Special K will create a custom Instagram filter where the words, "Permission to Enjoy," will wrap around what food is in frame.

Instagram filter-01.png

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