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Tequila Cazadores is all about being 100% authentic just like their tequila.
And as a gringa, I was excited to express my love for margaritas through social.

Instagram Stories:

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In-Feed Posts:

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tequilacazadores Knight in shining armor or jimador? Tomato, tomate, tequila. #TequilaCazadores  #RealTequilaForRealPeople

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tequilacazadores Turn wine night into tequila night with a glass of our Mexican Chardonnay.  #RealTequilaForRealPeople #WineNight

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tequilacazadores Fiesta Tip: Don't let tío get the aux or else he's playing "Juana La Cubana."  #RealTequilaForRealPeople

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tequilacazadores If we aren't chip dippin' and ranch water sippin', can you even call it a fiesta?   #RealTequilaForRealPeople #CannedCocktails


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Agency: BBDO
Creative Partner: Cata Baumgart

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